Ether’s Decline Pushes Cryptocurrency’s Fall Past $640 Billion

Sep.10 — The cryptocurrency market has declined to a 10-month low, led by a 10 percent slump by Ether, the second-largest virtual currency. Bloomberg’s Alastair Marsh reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”


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9 Thoughts to “Ether’s Decline Pushes Cryptocurrency’s Fall Past $640 Billion”

  1. cryptos dead bunch of luggage holders now

  2. Korean media press release about Bitcoin Diamond as digital currency for Amazon….

  3. Korean media press release about BitcoinDiamond as digital currency for Amazon….

  4. bitcoin hahaha. lum of bitshit

  5. No need to chin up, just shows new behaviors. We all need to adapt on new situation. More traders jumps into the economy. They are looking for new technologies to invest. There are some good things and opportunities. PoW almost die, PoS and new age PoS systems will stay alive, such as Staker Network ( No mining costs,no VPS costs.

  6. I believe that ETH will soon grow back because the ETH team is doing everything possible to prevent its decline. But now it is hard to decide whether to buy or sell. Currently, I am investing and earning free Stake Token (STR), when the market is red, STR and dogcoin are green. With a Total supply of 1.797.967 STR. After finishing the ad campaign, bounty I believe its value will be $ 1 / STR. You can join the link: to earn the free weekly STR

  7. Perhaps i am more optimistic than most but this apparent decline IMO is a prolonged massive market correction. If we would think of crypto currencies and their respective use cases, MC would probably not be as high it was at the ATH. Nevertheless, i believe the case of ETHEREUM to be one which will bounce back purely because of its varied use cases. The ERC20 token standard offered by the Ethereum blockchain makes it possible for projects such as Staker Token to bring its innovative ideas to the community. Given the situation of markets at present time, it is worth looking into such a project as Staker with very low supply which is being distributed free to the crypto community. A proof of stake token which earns you money just by virture of holding some tokens in your wallet. You should definitely check it out if interested

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